57 years ago the western kingdoms fell to the ravaging hordes of the Dragon Lords and their minions. Citizens were slaughtered, enslaved or fled as refugees to the Eastern lands.

The advance of the Horde was halted at the River Allune (as well as the Star Spires in the south and the Dower Woods of the north), but a long stalemate set in with battles common on the border, and savage chaos settling in as the norm across the once civilized west.

The Dragon Lords fell upon each other as chaotic creatures are wont to do, and the civil war drained even more blood and created new sorrows across the west. That was 15 years ago.

The older Eastern Kingdoms, absorbed the refugees from the west, but in the many years since, war and drought struck these lands and much was lost. The Westerners were often blamed for over burdening the resources, for failing to leave behind their customs. In truth the troubles which plagued the east had many causes, including internal politics and power struggles amongst the disparate Kingdoms. The Eastern lands settled into a tense peace, negotiated through the auspices of the Golden Abbey of Bal, and the King of Tilbeth at the Great Congress of Kings 13 years past.. Sadly the peace is unenforced and fragile.


Three years ago Daron Erdos, grandson of the once Western King of Edros, gathered together loyal allies and began to explore the west. Eventually he established a foothold at the old capital of his grandfather’s Kingdom, The City of the Lake. He began to attract an army.

Now he and his troops have secured the city and created a relatively safe passage from the Keep of the iron watch (on the River Allune) to the City. More soldiers continue to arrive, along with craftsmen and workers and settlers of all sorts. All of them, Ready to re-take the west, to leave the boiling tensions of the East. Some of course are seeking the standard, gold, glory, and power.

The call went forth from the new King Edros (Daron I). Soldiers, settlers and adventurous souls. Come and carve out your new homes in the hinter lands of the City of the Lake.

You have answered the call.

Beyond the City of the Lake.

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